how to prepare audit

Internal Audit management reviews all audit work papers, findings, and a draft of the audit report prior to the issuance of the final report. During this phase, IA management may identify additional questions or issues that will require some follow up by the audit team. While the audit team may have left your department, the audit is not complete until the final audit report is issued. So please be patient, IA must ensure that every audit is a quality audit that met all of its goals and objectives. But, to get the most from an audit, it’s important to be organized in your approach — including the often rigorous gathering and preparation of required documentation.

The audit’s purpose and objective will be discussed as well as the audit program. The audit program may be adjusted based on information obtained during this meeting. The auditor will review prior audits in your area and professional literature. The auditor will also research applicable policies and statutes and prepare a basic audit program to follow. After your organization has completed the above steps you will have completed the steps for preparing for an audit and will be ready for the 2-stage certification audit.

Why internal audits are crucial to your business

See how these features streamline your audit process with a demo of provides quick access to information from every orin a secure, centralized, and filterable location so that teams can review the purchase approval history any time. The report includes such areas as the objective and scope of the audit, relevant background, and the findings and recommendations for correction or improvement.

Consider control design, gaps, or mitigating factors to determine if the control system effectively mitigates risks. It is essential to understand the business process or function to be audited. If not familiar with it, thoroughly research the process or function to fully understand the subject matter. Review internal procedures, search the internet for resources, and seek help from subject matter experts.

The Significance of Auditing Financial Statements

Preparing for an audit can be a time-intensive, stressful process; but it doesn’t have to be. It’s entirely possible to operate your business and manage your finances to be audit ready, meaning you’re always prepared if or when your business is asked to complete an audit. Companies can have a dedicated team for internal auditing purposes only. This ensures that employees don’t give their main work for auditing reasons. A financial audit considers every aspect of your financial process and documentation.

how to prepare audit

For example, reconcile all bank accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable and equipment lists. Discuss with the auditor the need for assistance and establish a high priority for agreed-upon items. For an audit to be successful, effective communication is needed between everyone involved. Aim to develop a healthy working relationship with the audit team and make yourself available if they need to contact you.

Help and prioritizing

If there is new accounting guidance that the government is implementing in the current year, new PBCs may be required that are not on the list. Designate contacts for specific areas within your audit team and identify potential scheduling conflicts such as vacations and holidays, medical leave, and work and travel schedules. Put together a schedule with your auditors and staff that all can agree on then clearly communicate that schedule with other key employees and department heads. You don’t want the auditor showing up for a meeting without key personnel due to scheduling conflicts. The review goes beyond just assessing your financial documentation, it also includes a study of the controls and procedures set up around it. If you don’t have appropriate internal controls in place, it’s critical to find a reliable partner who can help you determine what those should be.

how to prepare audit

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Stage Certification Audit

A platform that handles all non-payroll spend, supported by accounting automation, can do this work for you. As card transactions take place, the relevant documentation is added to the transaction file in real time, so it is ready whenever you need it. In Airbase, an Invoice Inbox uses OCR technology to file information included with an invoice to identify the type of document in the correct place, and to extract information from the invoice. Auditing is important in maintaining trust and efficiency within the financial markets. Without auditing, companies can misstate their financial records and performance and make themselves appear more profitable or successful than they actually are. After receiving the report, the management should respond to the findings and recommendations in writing.

And, with some advance planning, an audit can be a valuable, not painful experience. AP audits can send AP teams into a tailspin, especially for companies that process thousands of invoices. However, with an intelligent system in place, you can quickly identify discrepancies and correct them before the auditor arrives. Even if issues crop up during the AP audit process, stakeholders have a clear audit trail to search.